Background resources on Formal Ontology

Descriptive and Formal Ontology by Raul Corazzon: This site is primarily devoted to the contemporary developments of ontology, with a secondary focus on its historical development. The site builds on work from both philosophers and scientists working in Artificial Intelligence, database theory and natural language processing, and presents contemporary developments in ontology in the philosophical context.

Related ontology centres

National Center for Ontological Research (USA)
The University at Buffalo and Stanford University have established the National Center for Ontological Research (NCOR), with Buffalo and Stanford as the two principal sites, together with a number of partner institutions drawn from academia, government, and industry. NCOR has the goal of advancing ontological investigation within the United States. A special focus will be on the establishment of tools and measures for quality assurance of ontologies.
Interdisciplinary Ontology Forum (Japan)

Principle-based ontology at work

Ontology Works develops ontology construction software, ontology-based database software, and ontology-based information integration software based on the same ontolgical principles ECOR adheres to.