US National Center for Biomedical Ontology
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The goal of the Center is to support biomedical researchers in their knowledge-intensive work, by providing online tools and a Web portal enabling them to access, review, and integrate disparate information resources in all aspects of biomedical investigation and clinical practice. One mission of the Center involves an ambitious outreach program to train biocomputational scientists in biomedical ontology through a novel program of workshops led by world-class faculty to assist the biomedical community to create and refine ontologies. ECOR faculty will participate in providing material for this educational program such as for the Dagstuhl Training Course.

Q-REC: European Quality Labelling and Certification of EHR systems
Q-Rec Logo
The main objective of Q-REC is to create an efficient, credible and sustainable mechanism for the certification of EHR systems in Europe. The co-ordinating partner is the EuroRec Institute, which is the overarching network of already existing national ProRec centres. ECOR participates as subcontractor to assist in the development of quality assurance principles for ontology-related aspects of EHR systems.

Knowledge Web Project Logo KnowledgeWeb is a research network on Semantic Web Technology and ontologies funded by the European Commission with a specific focus on bringing its research results to industry.
The main instrument for achieving this is the Ontology Outreach Advisory (OOA) an industry-sector-led community board that will help promote greater awareness and faster take-up of ontologies and at the same time act as a recommending body of industry domain specific ontologies. The OOA is organized into domain specific sector boards. The first two will cover (1) Human resources & Employment (OOA HR) and (2) Healthcare & Life Sciences (OOA HC). Additional strategic sectors being planned are: Regulatory Compliance, Telecom, Education, etc… Each of these domains is the focus of currently ongoing and representative ontology and Semantic Web research and application efforts.
For this reason, KnowledgeWeb is looking for thought leaders and innovators active in these sectors both within industry and government, who are willing to assist their sector in making the next step towards meaningful computing, by signing on to the OOA.

Chair OOA Board Prof. Dr. Robert Meersman
+32 (0)2 629 12 37  
Chair OOA HC Dr. Werner Ceusters
+49 (0)681 302 64770 Invitation Letter
Chair OOA HR Luk Vervenne
+32 (0)476 53 00 21 Invitation Letter